Published the new research paper about the Achievement motive

Our research paper entitled "Examination of the Factors Influencing Achievement Motive in Community-dwelling Elderly People" was published in the "Progress in Rehabilitation Medicine".

"Progress in Rehabilitation Medicine" is a peer-reviewed open access journal of the "Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine", which began last summer.

This article examined the influence of personality traits and individual factors on achievement motives using a structural equation model.

Achievement motive is the intention to achieve the goal.

Achievement motive has been mainly studied in psychology, but we think that it is also an important concept in rehabilitation.

In this article, we examined the relationship between achievement motivation and other factors for the elderly who go to day service or day-care centres.

In Japan, declining birth rate, ageing population, and declining population are remarkable.

In order to improve the healthy life of the elderly people, we think that it is important to raise achievement motive.

We want more people to read this paper.