What is Management Tool for Daily Life Performance (MTDLP)

In this article I will present one of the Japanese occupational therapy theories.

The Japanese Association of Occupational Therapist (JAOT) developed Management tool for daily life performance (MTDLP).

The purpose of MTDLP is to contribute to the regional community care system.

MTDLP is a client-centered, occupation-focused, and evidence-based practice.

MTDLP shows a comprehensive occupational reasoning process of occupational therapists such as occupational history interview, daily life assessment, planning, intervention, daily life reassessment.

The effect of MTDLP was verified with randomized controlled trial targeting 230 people.

As a result, the MTDLP group could maintain QOL even after 1 year, but the control group gradually declined.

MTDLP also showed sufficient Incremental cost effectiveness ratio.