Celebrate Occupational Therapy Birthday - 28 December

The 27th October was World Occupational Therapy Day.

As the next anniversary, I would like to suggest as a birthday of occupational therapy on 28th December :).

In 2012, World Federation of Occupational Therapy defined occupational therapy as "client-centred health profession concerned with promoting health and well-being through occupation".

This term Occupational Therapy was first used by George Edward Barton at a meeting in Boston of hospital workers on 28th December 1914.

He was the architect with many handicaps who created the Arts and Crafts societies and Consolation House.

Before 1914, occupational therapy was known under different names such as the moral treatment, occupational nurse, work therapy and occupational cure.

But after that year, these terms were unified by occupational therapy.

I want to esteem Barton's achievements as a propounder of concept.

I'd like to celebrate as an occupational therapy birthday on the 28th December :-).